About us
About us

The face behind 88Lifestyle

In the world of travel, founded in the year 2017, a visionary chapter began with the establishment of what was initially called 88 Jets. Behind this establishment were two driven entrepreneurs, Bas and Linda, who infused their business with a profound understanding of luxury and precision due to their rich background in corporate aviation. Their dream was simple yet ambitious: to redefine the essence of luxury travel And become the one-stop shop for the luxury traveler

As the reputation of Bas and Linda's enterprise grew, their vision evolved into what is now known as 88 Lifestyle, heralding a new era in travel that promised to arrange every detail of the journey.

88 Lifestyle quickly became an IATA-accredited luxury travel agency and a symbol of comprehensive travel solutions, not only developing services but also crafting personal narratives that turn travel dreams into reality. Our mission is to fulfill all your travel dreams with unparalleled attention to detail, always prioritizing your personal desires and needs.

In 2023, the company welcomed a new catalyst of innovation and expertise, Melvin, who brought fresh ideas and energy to the team. His arrival added a new layer of creativity and insight, reinforcing the company's mission to provide unparalleled travel experiences. Under the joint leadership of Bas, Linda and Melvin, 88 Lifestyle continues to evolve, expanding its reach beyond the clouds with luxury hotel and villa stays, bespoke yacht journeys, and private jet experiences.

With this trio at the helm and a team of passionate travel enthusiasts, 88 Lifestyle promises not only seamless and enjoyable journeys but also turns every trip into a chapter of discovery and luxury, making each departure a grand story in the making and every destination a memorable chapter in life's book.

Travel should be about convenience and pleasure, and that's exactly what we deliver. Let us take the reins in organizing your journey. At 88 Lifestyle, we create your home away from home.

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Why 88Lifestyle?

Exclusive Access

Benefit from our special relationships with leading global hotel chains and enjoy a range of privileges such as free room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, and credits for use in the hotel or resort. For even more comfort, we also offer the convenience of early check-in and late check-out, in addition to access to a carefully selected range of over 1000 villas worldwide. 

Personal Approach

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, the ability to call one phone number and immediately reach your trusted contact person is invaluable. Dealing with chatbots, call centers, and the like does not fit with traveling in luxury and comfort. At 88 Lifestyle, we ensure that you can always make direct contact with someone you know and trust, for the most personal and smooth experience possible.

Time Saving

We handle the entire planning and organization process for you, covering everything from simple hotel reservations to complete travel itineraries from start to finish. Whether it's securing your flights, arranging unique experiences, or managing all the intricate details of your trip, we ensure every aspect is flawlessly executed.