Wake up to the most spectacular sea view

No matter what happens, some memories can never be replaced. Step on board of your exquisite yacht and set sail to the ocean. Experience ultimate luxury on board of your fully staffed yacht.

Home away from home on the ocean

A superyacht charter is a luxury vacation unlike any other. Taste outstanding cuisine from a world-class chef, discover new countries and cultures from a private and luxurious moving base, relax in a swimming pool on board and enjoy special moments with your friends and family that will stay with you forever.

The Mediterranean

Extending from the Nile River to ancient Rome, the Mediterranean Sea is home to some of history’s most fascinating cities and sights. The Mediterranean Sea is the body of water that separates Europe, Africa and Asia. Chartering a yacht in the Mediterranean opens up a world of unique experiences in the most luxurious of surrounds imaginable.

The Caribbean

It is, in many ways, a well known part of the planet: the Caribbean. Much loved by sunseekers and luxury yacht sailors. Explore the Caribbean by yacht and discover the best places to visit. From cruising the Mediterranean and Caribbean on a yacht charter, to exploring remote areas in the South Pacific, Latin America and even Antarctica. With 88 Lifestyle’s selection of yachts you can discover both the world’s most glamorous destinations and rugged coastlines.

The Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean reaches from the western coast of Africa, along the southern edge of India, Australia and Asia, all the way down to where it meets the Southern ocean. It covers approximately 14% of the Earth's surface and about 20% of the water on the Earth's surface. No wonder this ocean lend themselves perfectly to a luxury yacht charter vacation. Ever thought about dock at the Seychelles or Mauritius? 88 Lifestyle assists you to make your yacht vacation unforgettable.


Sail away with a magnificent sailing yacht. Refined but comfortable, relaxed but elegant. Unique attention to detail and impeccable service are brought together for a unique moment.